LSC Membership Application Form - Download HERE

LSC Membership Charges 2017 - Download HERE

Applications are invited from prospective dinghy and cruiser members. Membership applications are not wait-listed but there is currently a waiting list for moorings and some winter berthing.

Temporary membership may be available, under certain circumstances, normally while a full membership application is being processed, to allow the new member to join in racing and social events. Temporary Membership is also considered for visiting holidaymakers.

All visitors to open events are granted temporary honorary membership and are welcome to use all club facilities.

Once an application form has been received, prospective members are asked to attend an informal meeting with the Commodore and other Flag Officers.

Following this meeting, candidates for membership will be presented for election at a General Committee Meeting. (General Committee meetings are normally held on the second Monday of each month, with the exception of August). Check the club calendar for more details. Following election, successful applicants will receive a formal offer of membership.

LSC is a self-help club with no paid staff. Consequently, it is important to understand that it is a condition of membership that all Members assist with club duties in accordance with current club bye-laws. Duties may include maintenance of buildings, and the site, galley and race management. Members may also volunteer for club bar duty which is additional to the compulsory duties.

Please see thetop of this pagefor the Membership form and details of current rates and joining fees. If you are new to the area and do not yet know any members, please feel free to come and visit us when we will be happy to show you around - see social page for club opening times.


Prospective members will be invited to attend an informal interview at which they will be able to learn about the club's self-help ethos, and the various ways in which they can contribute to the Club's many activities and social events.


Langstone Sailing Club has no paid employees. All the work in the club is done by the Members. This ethos of self help is the basis of the club and all we ask of you is to support your fellow members by doing your duties when requested.

Remember, the people who organise the duties are also volunteers and are putting a lot of their own time back into the club, so please support them whenever possible.

Being a self-help club helps to keep the costs down, so please see your duty contribution as part of your membership.

The Duty Rosters are compiled by the Sailing, House, Bar, Site Maintenance and Berthing & Mooring committees. We do strive to give club members their preferred options for duties. This is a complex task but every effort is made to ensure that your duty allocation is fair. This process is reviewed regularly to include a range of tasks that will provide a useful service to the club. The best way is to volunteer for the duty of your choice.

Please make every effort to ensure your duty is covered and, if you have difficulties, you should try and arrange a swap with someone else on the rota list. Should this prove impossible you should inform the appropriate rota organiser.

The Dutyman System

An online system of publishing, volunteering and exchanging duties is used for on the water duties, galley and other work parties. This will allow members to choose the date and type of duties to be done. Please note the Bar will run as a separate allocated roster

Please remember that LSC is a "Self-Help" organisation and that it is a condition of Membership that all full members fulfil their rostered duties. Any member who fails to turn up for a duty, without notice, is liable to suffer a penalty.

Those Club members who have not submitted preference forms for galley, work party and race duties are asked to do so - the form is also an application for duty exemption. Members who do not submit forms may be called on for any type of duty. Preference forms are available from the club.

Langstone Sailing Club can only continue to maintain its low subscription and berthing rates if all physically capable members support the Club's self-help ethos and do their share of the work.