Dinghy Racing


Class Flags and Handicap Splits

Fast Handicap PY 1015 and below Pennant 2
Medium Handicap PY 1016 - 1155 Pennant 4
Slow Handicap PY 1156 and above Pennant 3

Different handicap splits may apply for open events such as the Regatta and interclub events.


Easter, Spring 2 Classes - Fast, Medium Slow
Saturday, Sunday Series 3 Classes - Fast, Medium, Slow
Evening Series 3 Classes - Fast, Medium, Slow
Autumn Series 2 Classes - Fast, Medium, Slow


Courses Used For Racing In Langstone & Chichester Harbours

Course map for Langstone Harbour races CLICK HERE

Course map for Chichester Harbour races CLICK HERE

Racing Notes

New racers are always welcome. For information please see the club notice board or contact the Sailing Secretary.

The Race Officer can opt to combine handicap starts. Average lap calculations may be used for Langstone Harbour courses but are not appropriate for Chichester Harbour events.

All times noted in the calendar for club racing are WARNING SIGNAL times for the first class to start and not start times. For open events/interclub events see event publicity for details.

For race series half the number of races sailed plus one to count. This applies to all series except Mini-Series that is decided on day of event.

Where there is only 1 boat per class points will be awarded at the discretion of the Sailing Committee. No multi-hulls (except for Sailability trimarans) may race in Chichester Harbour.

The Sailing Committee reserves the right to award club handicap numbers to craft not listed in YR2 - RYA Portsmouth Yardstick Scheme, and to amend any values stated therein at their discretion.

The venue and courses may be changed at the discretion of the Race Officer after due notification. If after considering the conditions the Race Officer cancels the race their decision in final.

Those rostered for race duties should get to the club at least I hour before the start time if the race is in Chichester (C) or 1½ hours if the race is in Langstone (L).

If the full patrol boat team(s) is not present the race shall not go ahead unless suitable experienced volunteers are found.

There may be both club familiarisation and RYA certificated training sessions during the year, lookout for details at the club. You may arrange to assist a patrol boat driver or race officer before your duty to familiarise yourself with the duty.


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